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Wall Mounted Modern Coal Barbecue



Designed and made in Spain, this is a beautiful stainless steel coal barbecue. Unlike most mainstream barbecues, this has a sleek, streamline design, whilst maintaining high functionality. It features a unique design whereby the grill almost looks as though it's floating.

It is made with the high quality, marine grade stainless steel; 316. However, this is not used on the grills themselves. 

This barbecue is available with 2 types of grill; cast iron and stainless steel. The cast iron grill is available as a standard. There is a slight price increase for the stainless steel grill. We recommend the cast iron grills as they maintain heat extremely well, are virtually indestructible and they improve with use. 

There are many other accessories that can be purchased such as panels, pan stands, griddles and cutting boards. Please contact us for the full catalogue. The panels shown in the photo are not included in the price.

If you have any further questions, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!


Width: 123cm

Height: 13cm

Depth: 62cm