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Modern Glow-In-The-Dark Wireless Pool Light



Inspired by beautiful lily pads floating on a stream, this modern take in pool lighting is the perfect match between light and nature. Minimal and elegant, this pool light shines a very majestic radiance at night, and disperses a beautiful fluorescent blue colour on the pool water once night time arrives. Designed and made in Italy, this light is made out of a UV photo-active polymer that, meaning it perfectly floats on the surface of the water, just as a lily pad. To hold these lights in place, they are attached to a wire that is also securely attached to the ground. Due to no electricity being involved in the use of this pool light, it is the perfect environmental and economical fix to lighting up your pool at night.

This light is unique in its design and needs to be placed in water during day time hours in order for it to be charged by the sun's UV rays. Then, at night you must ensure that all other pool lights are turned off and no other sources of light are on or besides this product in order for this product to reach its full potential. If you are unable to charge the lights during the day with the sun or would like the products to emit a brighter light then they can be charged using a UV torch. Once charged, the magical blue light lasts for around 10 hours and is guaranteed to disperse light even in complete darkness. 

This light would be perfect for large events as it would help crate a mystical atmosphere whilst providing a light source for guests. 

If you require any further information on this product or have any further questions please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help!

Made in Italy

Diameter: 35cm

Illumination: UV tourch/ UV rays

IP rating: IP68

Lead time: 4-8 weeks