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Modern Exterior Caged Floor Lamp



Designed and made in Italy, this unique floor light is a modern yet timeless addition for your outdoor area, especially when paired along with the other members of this collection so create different levels of light, as demonstrated in the images above. Also, this floor light features a solid metal frame which makes it durable and long lasting, also due to it's lightweight and practical design, this floor light is easily transportable and can settle in any environment where it is placed. 

This floor light is available in two different colours, these being white and graphite and work perfectly well when placed together, as shown in the images. If you require any more information on this product, the different sizes available or the collection please feel free to contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help you. This floor lamp is weatherproof, however we recommend that it is kept in a dry place during extensive periods of non use and extreme weather conditions to ensure its optimum quality.

Made In Italy

Height: 60cm

Diameter: 37cm