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Luxury Hut Daybed



Indulge yourself with this beautiful daybed - a statement piece of outdoor furniture. The daybed structure is made with quality Aluminium and Siberian Larch to create a nest-like space in which you can unwind outside. Designed and made in Italy, the natural wooden structure mirrors the shape of a tepee, it's fence-like body allows you to feel the breeze whilst being protected from direct sunlight. Enclosed is a comfortable mattress on which you can relax.

There is an optional curtain which can be added to the daybed, this adds an elegant touch and allows you to be covered from sunlight. This curtain can come in white or grey depending on your preference. 

The listed price is for the daybed with a mattress cushion in either a white or stone colour (other fabrics are available on request), and an additional curtain in white or grey. This price excludes additional smaller cushions which are recommended and can be purchased on request for maximum comfort.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for more information - a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions!


Diameter: 300cm

Height: 320cm

Lead time: 5 weeks approx