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Need Some Festive Porch Inspiration This Christmas?

Posted on December 01 2021

As the Christmas period is fast approaching, you may be wondering how to make best use of your porch space with regards to festive decorations. Here’s some inspiration to wow guests and impressive the post man with a stylish, festive porch design. Your porch is the first thing visitors see when entering your home, which is why it’s decoration should not be overlooked - who doesn’t want to make a great first impression? 
A popular choice is to set up a cosy corner of your porch with a rocking chair or loveseat accompanied by a little Christmas tree. A space like this can be decorated with seasonal cushions and throws, it is a great way to extend your indoor living tastes onto your patio this Christmas. Your interior decoration scheme can be brought outside for everyone to enjoy! A smaller Christmas tree can be presented in one of your favourite planters and can be decorated in line with your outdoor colour scheme.


Another festive favourite is a natural, rustic look. A focus on natural greenery for example with additional potted pine trees and a natural pine wreath is an extremely popular choice. Smaller pine trees can be used on steps up to your patio, leading a pathway to your door. Why not add a display of Winter logs and pine cones to add to the rustic feel… This nature-inspired decoration looks great in an outdoor setting accompanied with classic warm string lights to brighten up the space. 

A popular lighting option for your Christmas patio is to add lanterns to illuminate your porch and create a cosy, festive atmosphere. Floor lanterns looks especially great on porch steps - some opt for filling these with battery powered fairy lights and baubles for further decoration. Wall lights look great positioned either side of your door to create a cosy entrance to your home. These lighting options are fab for any time of year - especially Christmas time! When incorporating lighting into your porch decoration a popular choice is to opt for warm, white bulbs rather than colours ones (a multi-coloured lighting scheme can sometimes make your decorations look too busy).

If traditional green and red decorations aren't to your taste then why not try a bright, colourful design scheme?

 This is a great way to stand out from the crowd with a modern twist. If bright, bold colours are a little too bright, why not try a pastel colour scheme of lilac and pinks? These colourful baubles look best paired with a white silver tree for a nice contrast.

If you're looking for more understated decoration, why not go for a neutral colour scheme. You can still make the space festive and welcoming without bright reds and greens. 

A neutral colour scheme is elegant and soft, it looks great paired with a warm lighting scheme using lanterns or string lights. If your interior colour scheme is largely white and neutrals based, this decor looks especially great.

Hopefully some of these ideas give you inspiration for your own porch decoration this Christmas. If you're looking for a cosy porch bench or loveseat don't hesitate taking a look at our wonderful selection of outdoor furniture, or if you're interested in a rustic lantern or string light take a look at our extensive outdoor lighting range!