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Posted on January 04 2021

Italian heritage and creativity. Where design and craftsmanship come together in synergy.

Zafferano-Bespoke Glass Lighting comes from the thirty years of Federico de Majo’s experience in designing lighting projects and artistic glass work.
Zafferano-Bespoke Glass Lighting is the division of Zafferano which focuses on developing customised glass lighting projects and installations. In addition to tasting glasses and tableware, then Zafferano also showcases decorative glass lighting for interiors.

Thanks to their special features, Zafferano-Bespoke Glass Lighting collections have been designed to be perfectly included in exclusive supplies for hotels and large spaces, giving designers an opportunity to create unique interiors that stir emotions with their eye-catching decorative effects of light and colour.

Some of our favourite products from Zafferano are:

Zafferano Dama Wireless Table Lamp


Zafferano Dama Wireless Table Lamp - White



Zafferano Poldina Wireless Wall Lamp


Zafferano Poldina Wall Light in Black

Zafferano Sister Light Floor Lamp


Zafferano Sister Light Floor Lamp


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