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Posted on December 01 2020

For more than 100 years, the Roger Pradier® company has invested with constancy and passion to illuminate the outdoor spaces of our daily lives.

A very young, in his native Périgord, Jean Pradier was initiated into the trade of tinsmith. A real passion for an already old profession. The lanterns capture his attention and mobilised his mind.

He discovers that the lanterns, although superior in style to those he had known until then, hardly go beyond their primary function: to illuminate. He observes, notes, captures the energies of his peers and experts. From workshop to workshop, he collects advice, compares techniques, enriches himself with memories, learns about this incomparable city. He studies how a bending, an embossing, a slight curvature modify the rendered effect, change the moods. 

1910 was a key year for him. He founded a family and anchored his workshop in Belleville, in working-class Paris, with the ambition of putting his activity at the service of beauty. 

Roger, the youngest son, brings a coherent and respectful evolution, integrates decisive technical innovations to propose new products, new uses. He perfects his father's helping hand, cares about the contribution of a strong creation and pushes the requirement for quality. While he understands the importance of inherited tradition, he also understands the need for reasoned modernity. His son, the third generation of these talented craftsmen, expands the company's territory. Open-minded and curious, he stormed international markets, experimented with alloys and made creation the driving force behind his action. 

Since then, the Pradier family has passed on the baton and passed on its knowledge, relying in particular on the convergence of shared passions. Creative ambition, manufacturing requirements, and the quest for excellence are major identity traits of the Roger Pradier® company.

Some of our favourite products from Roger Pradier are:

Roger Pradier Boreal Wall Light

Roger Pradier Boreal Ceiling Pendant

Roger Pradier R195 Bollard