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Posted on December 03 2020

Since the very inception of Martinelli Luce, they have always been inspired by a foundational few values.

Through innovation, they tell about the passion for our work that perforce passes through the drive of change, of constantly demanding more from ourselves, of seeing through always different angles what to others seems like a fixed point, a steadfast security.

They believe in the essential, which for us means no frills or useless superfluity. The lines they design that shape and outline our products are minimal and maximum at the same time. It is not just a question of design: it is design concept and production philosophy.

They want to stimulate new points of view, inspiring, through our products, people’s curiosity and creativity, whether they be engineers, architects, dealers or private individuals. Have them see with new eyes what daily appears as ordinary.

Through these simple but for them priceless values, they remain faithful to the creative culture that pervades every project or product of theirs.

Some of our favourite products from Martinelli Luce's range are:

Martinelli Luce Ciulifruli Ceiling Pendant

Martinelli Luce Bowl Floor Lamp

Martinelli Luce Pistillo Floor Lamp