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Posted on December 01 2020

It's story starts in the 50’s, three generations ago, in Mogliano a small town in the region of Marche, where Luigi Maurizi, a talented master caner, opens his workshop specialized in hand-crafted wicker products such as baskets and purses. His creativity gives birth to shapes and styles and his hands, smoothly flowing through the thin threads of natural fibers, weaves unique pieces, highly appreciated in the Italian market.

This passion is passed down to and shared with his children, who at the beginning of the 90’s take a step towards the evolution of their family-run business. In 2005, after distributing outdoor furniture made of synthetic rush for another company, thanks to their acquired know-how they found Braid, the English translation for the Italian word intreccio, that is to say, the result of weaving.

New outdoor collections start establishing themselves among a select clientele. Natural fibres are replaced by synthetic ones, more appreciated for their durability, ease of use, and resistance to weathering. Collections present new high-quality materials, such as wood and aluminium, showing an extended range of products and a certain versatility. The possibility to customise shapes, dimensions and colours soon becomes a success factor for the brand. Their decision to keep most production made in Italy reveals their bond to the antique artisan traditions and skills of their territory.

From artisan workshop in the 50’s to worldwide established business, the company has remarkably changed, yet preserving its authentic values of quality and craftsmanship.

Some of our favourite Braid products are:

Braid Cloe Armchair

Braid Maxim 3 Seated Sofa

Braid Metropolitan Gold 2 Seated Sofa