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Official Distributors of 9010

Posted on December 03 2020

For half a century 9010 have been creating, designing and manufacturing lamps and lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications. Their deep knowledge of raw materials, combined with passion, creativity and love for their work are the characteristics that make them unique.

Belfiore was originally founded in 1968 in Nove, in the heart of Veneto. It's beginnings see the production of hand-made ceramics in an area rich in raw materials and ceramic manufacturing.

In the eighties the company enters the lighting world with the first models of ceramic wall lamps.

In 2011 BELFIORE created 9010, which brings together it's experience and dynamism. 9010 enters with impetus the market of down lighting, imposing itself for the innovative philosophy and a wide and complete product range supported by several patents.

9010novantadieci is today a benchmark in the national and world markets, thanks to the quality of Made in Italy products, the same passion as always, and the constant will to evolve

Some of our favourite products from the 9010 range are:

9010 Cobra Bollard

9010 1098 Disc Wall Lamp

9010 Bean Bollard